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Anonymous asked:

Please just use genderbend. To be honest what is way more offensive is all this mollycoddling that tumblr does. The word genderbending doesn't hurt me, or anyone else. What hurts me is not getting jobs because some middle aged white guy can't understand why i want to use a different name than my legal one, people slapping my ass because they think it's funny, and threatening bodily harm because I am a, and I quote, tranny faggot. But treating us like delicate little flowers isn't helping either.

Hello, dear Anon. Thank you for sharing your opinion and thoughts about this matter. And let me add that I’m sorry you have to go through all those hurtful situations in your life, hearing how you are treated makes my skin crawl. You have a point, there are things that heppen to trans/queer people everyday that may make discussion about simple terms as ‘rule 63’ look superficial in comparison. However, I honestly don’t know if being offended by terms like ‘genderswap’(and such) is indicative of being too sensible or too delicate. Who am I to negate someone else’s feelings? And I know people can have opinions way too extreme about this kind of topic, but this in particular doesn’t look like the case to me. In the end, I still want to learn about this question. Your opinion had been a precious help to me to reflect more and form a more complete and personal opinion. Thank you again! I hope you’ll have a great day and good luck. 

leviswaxedass asked:

i'm trans and i never found genderbend or rule 63 to be offensive. i do think sex swap makes more sense than genderbend because you're making someone's biological sex different and don't necessarily have to change their gender. some sex swaps do (i.e. "was always male/female") but some don't (i.e. "suddenly female but still identifies as male/suddenly male but still identifies as female"). the LATTER are transphobic when they change the gender pronoun JUST BECAUSE of the biological sex.

Hello friend! Thank you for explaining your point of view to me. This topic is rather tricky and hard for me to fully understand, so, different opinions from different people helps me clear my mind. I also read your response to the original ‘spectrumslide post’ and I agree with you that the term ‘sexswap’ would be way better then ‘genderswap’ since, as you said ‘sex’ doesn’t equal ‘gender’. ‘Sexswap’ would happear as the perfect solution.  However, I’m still unsure: apparently,there are people out there that are hurt by the term ‘Genderbend’ in all of its possible variations, and since I don’t want to hurt anyone, using a term instead of another (in this case, ‘spectrumslide) it’s not that much of a big deal to me, I can just do that. 

I still have to form a concrete opinion about this all, but thanks to you I am a bit less ignorant then before, ahah. 

Have a great day (or night) and if you ever want to add any other opinion about this, please do. Byeeeee


I just discovered the term “spectrumslide” as an alternative to the term “genderbend” and I REALLY think people should start using it and loving it as much as I do. It takes into account both the gender and sex spectrums, so not only is it not transphobic, it also is a lot more interesting and fun to experiment with.



After my Uta cosplay I got a lot of questions on how I covered my eyebrows, mine are rather thick and a lot of people have trouble covering their eyebrows when they’re as thick as mine so here is my tutorial for you! This by no means the perfect way or right way, this is just what works for me.

MATERIALS: Glue stick, plastic knife, White powder, concealer, regular powder and face paint (optional)

  1. Get a gluestick, doesn’t matter the color. Cut of a big chunk of it and slap that sucker onto your brows, don’t worry it will wash out and not tear off your eyebrows. I’ve done this many times. Take a plastic knife or what ever tool you prefer and smooth the glue across your brows till they are fully covered. (I rushed so mine could have been blended better but eh whatever)
  2. You will want to get some white powder/makeup and cover your eyebrows where the glue is. I unfortunately ran out of my powder so I used white face paint instead for this, while it still works you’re MUCH better off with a white powder, it gives it a cleaner look.
  3. Time to use yo liquid concealer. Smother yo brows with concealer till no purple can be seen, I also used a little bit of pink facepaint to cover places where the purple stood out a lot.
  4. Now take your powder and whatever other makeup you use and BLEND IT ALL OVAH. You want to make it look as seamless as you can (Step one comes in VERY handy here, the better you blended the glue the better it will look at the end, I went back and blended my glue a little more.)

AND TA DAH! Now you’re an eyebrowless beautiful person.

true as fuck zodiac - prominent features

  • aries:

    so fucking stubborn. they will hold a grudge til the end of time

  • taurus:

    they are fucking nerds.

  • gemini:

    defo the random outbursts

  • cancer:

    rudeness. so fucking rude. god damn.

  • leo:

    they're about 4'9"

  • virgo:

    they don't want to talk to you at all

  • libra:

    weird ass laugh

  • scorpio:

    the fact that you can directly see hell in their eyes

  • sagittarius:

    fuckin strange ass humor

  • capricorn:

    creepy fucking smile

  • aquarius:

    kinda givin off a gay vibe

  • pisces:

    p conceited and that shit is not confidence as they may think it is

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