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this is too fucking obvious since i’m a beatles fan

104th squad boys if they were in the 1950s!

An AU of mine in which Jean, Connie and Marco (because Jean pushed him eventho he’s not likely to have the hairstyle) would be Teddy boys, Eren would totally be a Greaser and Bertholdt, Reiner and Armin don’t want to belong to a certain subculture but they still like to hung out together and they are going to form a Skiffle band!!

Armin’s rocking those Buddy Holly glasses! ^◡^♥

And yes I did hair on Connie combed backwards!


Anonymous asked:

OMG I LOVE YOUR art so much *~* ! and I really miss your Genderbent reiner and bertl :"(

Thank you so much!  And I miss them too ahah. I still have some very interesting requests for Rule63!Reiner&Bertl in my askbox, so there are good possibilities for me to draw them again. 






Why don’t most superheroines look like this?

I support the idea of more supehero ladies rocking AMAZING ABS like this muscular goddess right here has got

This is a thing which shall make me happy indeed :D

You look incredible!

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